Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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What do you get when you mix low riders, southern belles, tattoos, trailer parks, stilettos piercing hearts and classic Saturday morning cartoons?
Magic!  that's what you get. 

Tyson "HotBallz" McAdoo, a pervertly talented Brooklyn red neck, draws the funkiest and most fatal females that side of the Mason-Dixon line. 

Price: $24.95 US Dollars
ISBN: 13 978-1-934623-98-05
8 3/4x12 3/8, 48 pages Full-Color, Full-Bleed, Hardcover, Perfect bound-Sewn Pages

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Available in March
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CREAM & SUGAR by Justin Coffee
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NIGHTWORK by Mark Behm
Available in March
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LIFE BY SILVER by Stephen Silver
Available in 2 weeks
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VENUS OVERDRIVE by Brandon Peterson
Available in March
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Much, much more to come, I project at least 25 books for 2008. 
This is not Sparta! THIS. . IS. . MADNESS!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

MY PREDICTION FOR 2008: "A Message of Hope"

"Those who can, do; those who can't, teach; those who can't teach, manage; those who can't manage, run for office"

A new twist to an old (and true) adage by George Bernard Shaw. Which I think is more than appropriate to begin this brand-spanking-new year. Here in the good ol' U.S. of A., primary elections scheduled to begin tonight —in the great state of IOWA— will jump start a new era, some call it the "Era of Hope". Many believe change is coming, understandingly so, they are tired of 7 years of Republican backwardness, trampled civil liberties, rampant corruption, cronyism and warmongering for profit, which, in all fairness to those who practice it, is nothing new. War profiteering is what made this country great.

This ain't no conspiracy theory, I don't believe in unicorns, little green men from outer space and Easter bunnies, it is no secret that this country was built on war and has gained from the deaths of many, including its own citizens, all industrialized nations have, actually and most of them continue to enjoy the benefits of armed conflicts to this day, piss-poor, stupid people everywhere are killing each other and making a few people rich beyond measure in the process. General Electric, Ford, Boeing, GM, etc, etc, make the appliances, vehicles and home products you know and love but they also make weapons and instruments of war, and everybody knows that government contracts are never-ending gold mines, fast and juicy government favors, that's where the real money is.

For a period of time longer than this country has been on the map, wars have been fought and in time of peace, wars have been created. Economics says wars are good for business (if you're on the winning end) We have put together a few wars for various purposes (other than to defend ourselves) here and abroad but mostly abroad. We've sold arms, tanks, planes and jeeps to all sides of civil wars and genocide in poor countries the world over, countries which names we can't even pronounce, countries which can't even feed their own citizens, but that's their problem, we just want their cash. So what if they turn against us and start shooting at us with the same guns they bought from us? . . . .Well, we go to war!

We, ourselves have bombed some of them and leveled their cities so our government-friendly contractors can profit handsomely from the ensuing re-construction, it's a beautiful thing, capitalism at its very best.

You would have to be totally stupid to not see the obvious; you would have missed the point entirely if you thought these wars are about spreading "Freedom" and "Democracy". This whole thing is not about making us safer at home, it's about putting up a McDonald's franchise in every Middle Eastern city. Now, before some of you ultra zealous patriots send any hate mail my way, that bit was a figure of speech, it could also be Burger King™ or yummy Krispy Kreme® branches. You do get the point, don't you? . . . I thought so!

Guess what? this "Era of Hope" is a total load of crap. The words "Change" and "Hope" are being abused and mistreated like the neighborhood crack whore by every single opportunistic asshole politician campaigning today.
True religious neocons are fucked up, everyone with half a brain knows that. Just take a quick listen at the caca spewing from their pie holes. But don't even for a second think that the democrats or any other group looking to gain political power are any better, they are all taking money from somewhere, right? so they will have to pay it back in one form or another, in due time.

I predict right here, right now, that no matter what the outcome of the general elections, things will remain the same. We will continue to occupy Iraq indefinitely because that's where the money is; NO, not for you and me, we'll pay more to gas up our gargantuan S.U.V.'s, regardless, but for the corporations that fund the presidential campaigns. Do you think Obama or Fuckabee will change anything? Sure, any one pair of idiots out there is better than the Bush/Cheney war machine. Think again! The people of this great land of ours have been brainwashed to such a degree that the one candidate who shows any common sense at all, is viewed as a deranged lunatic. He has to be in order to make sense and attempt to fix this fine mess we're in. But, sadly enough, he won't win.

My prediction is Nothing Will Change.

Oh, and I'll predict something else: This will be my last political rant of the year 2008. Phew! Thank God, we want to see more naked cartoon women, we don't want to read this shite! You're right,

We're going to publish more hard cover books with funny cartoons in them, that's what!

Because unlike shameless politicians who flip-flop and pander to pretty much anything with a heartbeat in order to get elected, we DO know what the people want (well, at least what our felow artists and art students want), they want more art books and sketchbooks -insert thunderous ovation from a large crowd here- ______

My Fellow Americans: The people have spoken and the message is clear: We want more naked cartoon girls holding implausible guns and talking furry animals (preferably rodents) standing on two legs, we want more drawings, we want more art. Fuck the message of fake 'Hope', Let's give the people what they really want!!

Yup, just as career politicians wake up every morning with new ideas on how to stick it to us, devising new and more convoluted ways to censor us, finding more loopholes to tax us, bankrupting us all with exploding mortgages and coming up with creative plans and ridiculous excuses to erode our civil liberties by keeping us in a state of constant fear, divisiveness and ignorance; we, here at Brandstudio Press LLC wake up pretty early every morning and spend every waking moment thinking up new ideas for funky and inspiring art books from talented and independent individuals.

A friend asked me if I didn't run the risk of overflowing the market with these hard cover artbooks, "Nonsense", I replied (and those who have bought our books, please feel free to agree with me), "There can never be enough motivational and inspirational books on drawing, cartooning and character design, NEVER!". We're not printing brainless paperback novels, so expect a ton more of these sketchbooks to hit the market in 2008.

I am not running a charity or a none profit organization here, but since you buy our books I think you should know that the money you spend in our products goes back to the creator (no, not god up above, he doesn't need the money as bad as we do) and back to acquiring and making more books. The art publishing business is a big mess, no one makes any substantial money (no one that is, except for the distributors and speculators) The artists get a paltry 6 to 12 or perhaps tops 15% in most cases. We're not into charity but here the artists invest in their own creations and reap the fruit of their own labor, themselves, as it should be.

We are no different than most struggling artists, we're not delusional, we recognize this is a not a business to live comfortably off of, the art book market with its distribution mafia is very limited and not as profitable for the artists as some of you may think, none of the artists who publish with us are betting on retiring from these books we make, we all have primary sources of income, which often times barely afford us the luxury of printing our own books for the fuck of it.

Some of us make extreme sacrifices to bring our art to the forefront, we do it because we believe in what we do and quite frankly because no one else would give us a break. We are taking it upon ourselves to give ourselves that break, because even when an established publisher is genuinely interested, they don't do it better than us since they don't have our best interests in mind but rather their own, because we do this for ourselves, period!. The difference lies in our approach. If I could have it my way, I would plaster the entire world with Brandstudio Press art books, in this so called "Era of Hope" that's what I'm hoping for.

Thank you loads for your gigantic support in 2007, please know you help make all of this possible. Have a Healthy and Prosperous 2008!

Support independent artists, you might be one of them tomorrow.